Package Managers and why I hate them: npm or composer

Package Managers Just Suck

They suck big time. Let me tell you how I arrived at that conclusion. First off, theoretically, package managers sound amazing. The idea of running one command sand have everything magically created for you, updated for you, compiled, without too much sweating, is truly a marvel.

package managers suck

Sure, package entire servers when you can simply run a couple of git / svn commands.

In reality, however, this is sadly not the case. Every freakin’ time I try to go back to npm to install something, either for a cordova app, or a Laravel install, or just some custom dependency, I start off following some instruction manual. npm install this, npm install that, and on I go. Until I get to a package that requires something else.

This happens every time. Documentation is very unclear most of the time. Sometimes I have to run npm install with a -g flag, somtimes –save-dev, all sort of options. And Make sure you always have the latest version of npm, unless their site is down, which happens every hour on the hour, or it’s slow, or non responsive, etc.

Communism is the Perfect Form of Government

Just like communism, package managers packatoo shall fail. Not today, not tomorrow, but one day when developers figure out that they can do installs simply by downloading libraries or git/svn-ing them to their development environments.

Just as an example, this one project, I had to install about 30 packages, but that wasn’t enough. There were dependencies like .Net framework, and python, ruby, etc. All for a one page website. Who are these idiots developing websites and making them so complicated? It’s a one page website that could have simply ran off of a simple CMS like WordPress if you really needed a CMS. It was insane.

Ah, Magento Probably Sucks Worse

It was like my old days of when I worked on a one page Magento Sucks project. What a waste. One page just to store addresses of people wishing to win an iPad, with a gigantic, full Magento install in the backend. Ridiculous!

The Dependencies

I honestly thought the whole idea of writing code is to be less dependent on crap and architect something that can easily be modified by others, pick up, learn and hit the ground running. Instead, we find that most developers who enter a new environment these days, have to re-learn a whole new flavor of development. Everything to learning a new server (nginx), backend (node), database (postgress and express), and even front end (sass, less, angular), and there are a bunch more that I haven’t listed, but they’re there. And all for what? There’s no gain in any of it. It’s all how you use the tools at hand. Nginx can be much slower than apache if not configured right, and it’s much more limited in what it can do. Same with Angular and everything else in between.

Why stick with systems that are broken? Use things that were tested over the years and can be more dependable. Things that have a much larger community.

  • I agree, i found absolutely nonsense when doing the Angular quickstart sample, npm downloaded all this dependencies that i have no idea why I even need, 100MB of crap, add to it that it recommend working with typescript , the javascript typed superset which needs a compiler (actually this one i find interesting) ..
    I kind of enjoyed the concepts that bring the frameworks and the package managers but in practice i find it excesive..

  • Fernando Tobares

    Totally agree. I spent hours looking which dependency have to install next. As you said “npm install this, npm install that”. First try to use yarn, then npm, then have to install babel, etc etc… I’m exhausted and frustrated.

  • Count me in another frustrated developer, just trying to run angular 2 for second time. Used angular-cli manually installing it npm start ng server gives me erros and the node dependencies are crazy. Can someone make things work !

  • royalspirit

    I hate composer. I prefer to install script the way it was in the early days manually. This way you really know your installation well and know what’s in it.

  • josh martin

    Please remove the white text on black background for the love of god.