Not another CMS…

I’m working on building a new CMS based on a custom framework. Currently, I don’t have a name for it. This is not a framework for the inexperienced. This is definitely a framework that requires some basic programming skills.

The three CMS packages are not for the non-programmers. Let’s face it, when did mom & pop ever feel comfortable editing their own blog, or build their own website? The reality of web design is that, there will always be a web designer who either sets up the website, or sets it up and maintains it.

This is where my framework/CMS comes in.

Stay tuned for more information, as currently I’m working on the first CMS package to be released later this month. This is a simple site CMS, meaning that it’s not for a blog site, it’s not for an e-commerce solution, it’s for simple business card type websites.

Why not just use the other simple CMS solutions out there you say? AsĀ  mentioned, this is a CMS for web designers to handle, not mom & pop. It’s definitely not as bloated as some CMS solutions out there, but it’s really simple to us.

It uses jQuery as its main javascript library, and fancybox comes standard.