Successfully completed the “framework”

The reason I put it in quotes is because it’s not really a framework. It’s an open ended solution for anyone that wants a working website out of the box, ready with an admin section, credentials for admin and users, search based on parameters and zip code geo locations, and pagination.

So, basically, what inspired me to scrap what I had and redo everything from scratch, and go back to the basics was the idea of too much complexity. I was digging myself deeper and deeper into my own code, limiting myself to certain rules, when I know that PHP should never be limited to anyone’s design.

So, I came up with Clean PHP, read about it here:

This is the first time in my life that I feel reassured that I can really program, and anyone that claims that OOP belongs to web development and it’s crucial, is fooling themselves.

I have nothing against OOP in its place, like console games and desktop applications, but web dev is completely different. Apples and oranges.

Read up on the clean php pages and tell me I’m wrong. But make sure you read it first. Let’s look at it this way:

OOP for console games:

  1. Game Loads (takes some games 5 minutes to create objects in memory)
  2. Those objects are in the game for the entire life of the program, or level, that’s why you see loading bars at the start of every level.

OOP For websites:

  1. Now imagine coming to a website where you have to wait even 30 seconds for every page to load because it has to build objects. Just doesn’t make any sense.
  2. Why build objects on every page load, when all the objects are going to be gone once the page is loaded anyway?
  3. It’s like building a stock car at the start of every race only to completely take it apart at the finish line. Pointless.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I’m proud of the work I’ve put into this little package. I say little because at less than 80K, it kicks the crap out of any MVC OOP Framework out there.

  • Note to OOP Web Devs. Stop being lazy and learn to actually program. 😉
  • johndurbinn

    Are you trolling?

    • James

      I can’t even begin to understand how he is comparing his ‘framework’ to actual frameworks like laravel/symfony.
      All I see is basically simple helper functions in classes, not to mention, there is no meaningful separation of functions. In the functions class, one minute there is a function to make folders for a file based cache system, and then another for a birthday function! Why are they not static? Say you wanted to add more functions, and more functions, suddenly your file is annoyingly large to manage.

      Actually I give up. I had a laugh with the AngularJS then the git post, but this tops the cake.