Learn Web Development – The Super Simple Way

Our first website

To learn web development you have to do all those things to set up your environment. For the next project, all I have to do is add another line in the hosts file, a new server configuration in the httpd-vhosts.conf file, and a new folder in the c:\wamp\www folder. Restart WAMP.

Inside your project folder, c:\wamp\www\local.website.com, add an index.php file. Open it up, write “Hello World“, save and open up your favorite browser. Chrome and Firefox have some really nice tools for developers. To preview your new website in your browser just type http://local.website.com in the browser’s address. You should see “Hello World” on the screen.

If you do, you’re a web developer!

  • Sir ! I’m following your writing for a long time. All of them are straight to the point. Kindly write a detailed article on how to deploy your code in AWS or any modern cloud stack.