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The basic idea

The idea for this site started when I wanted to document the logic behind building a website. I thought, why not document it in a blog? And here it is. The concept is that websites should be flexible, unrestricted, scripted code composed of sometimes five or more languages. The basic languages that I use to demonstrate Web Development are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and for scripting, I like to use PHP. Let’s not forget about SQL, which drives data from our MySQL databases.

HTML we all know as the mother of all web languages. It’s not a dynamic language, but it works for one page websites that never or rarely have to change content.

CSS is our artist and layout engine. Placing of elements, colors, shapes, and other design concepts would not be possible to achieve without this language. We will use it to make things pretty and UI friendly.

JavaScript will be the manipulator of our code to further beautify the page, make for some interesting dynamic effects, as well as our AJAX driver to not only help us get data from our database, but also manipulate it.

PHP can only be described as our base language since it will make everything possible. The reason it can make everything possible is because of its dynamic and open structure. It’s not limited by anything, other than your imagination.

SQL acts as our data getting language. You want what? Let me get that for you. Basically, data getting, updating, inserting will be done through SQL from PHP.

Now, let’s put them all together and make a dynamic and robust website.

What this site has become lately

I’ve also listed my many projects here that you can have a look through, criticize, etc. I want to keep track of my projects and what exactly made each one special. I also started to document some good SEO practices that can help anyone manage and market their blogs, vlogs, and other websites.

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