Here’s an idea of pricing for you. I work on projects based on complexity. If you have 100 pages with simple text and images on it, the task is not complex. Just time consuming. So I consider that a complexity of 1, times 100 times. So, complexity is 100.

If you have one page with one complex interactive form, with a calculator, that grabs prices from out there on The Web, then it’s a one page design, but complexity of that one page is way high, depending on all of the features on it. Calculator, 2 points. Search 3 points. Connecting to databases and APIs, 5 points. You get the idea.

Both projects can be about 100 points. One more complex than the other, and one more pages than the other. And now for the prices:

$125 – $250 per point.

That’s it. Why the wide range? Depends on a lot of things. But, on average, I can do about 39 points in two weeks. Considering the overhead, taxes, etc, that comes to about $60-$120 per hour.