Git Kinda’ Sucks

So, another “kinda sucks” article from me. This time, I’m taking on Git. I’m sure Git is wonderful for all of the companies that have adapted it and has dealt with its constraints and difficulties. Ask anyone who’s picked up Git after they’ve been used to SVN, or other repository. They will most likely tell you that it was difficult to implement, but now they’re happy that they spent the time to learn it.

What exactly was gained from it, other than for the sole purpose to learn something new? Nothing. I’ve picked up Git some time ago on one of my projects, and I was battling with it. It would fight me. Pull, push, commit, on and on. It just seemed like more ways one could screw up, that’s all.

SVN did everything I ever needed for my projects, and I have several projects, all with massive code bases, and some of which I run from multiple areas, and work with multiple developers. So, I gave Git another try when one of the team members I worked with on a project introduced it. He also introduced SASS at the same time. Let me tell you, for someone that knows their LAMP stack all too well, introducing all these bells and whistles makes you feel pretty stupid. Conflicts and overwrites became huge issues because the other team members weren’t told that SASS was going to be used, and no one mentioned that designers are going to change template code.

Don’t believe me? Check out others who are upset about Git as well:

…and the rebuttal:

Check out the first comment made by Steve Bennett, the writer in the first link.

In the end, it’s not about the technology that you use, it comes down to how well you use the technologies that you currently know. And I’ve always said the following two things, and follow them religiously:

1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
2. Stop trying to re-invent the wheel.

They pretty much say the same thing. It’s the same argument when it comes to using OOP for a web project. That’s for a later discussion. Check out the reason I made my own “opened framework” here.

PS. I really think someone invented Git to make SVN users much happier with their repository handling.

  • I wouldn’t say is plain bad, Git just gives you much more power to play with, now you can blow your foot much easier. Man seriously, having folders named trunk tags and branches and doing “svn copy” is just lame.
    But hey, there is always Mercurial, my personal favorite if you ask.

    • George

      That’s why it said “kinda”. Doesn’t suck all the way, just in the ways that I use it the most.

  • I think i git in conjunction with github has really changed the lanscape of coding for the good. Something that no other vcs has done up to now.

  • Wendt Alan

    It’s not too bad once you’ve been pithed.