SEO for WordPress: Rank VS Tank

Definitely a not so discussed topic in my blogs. The ever evolving monster known as Search Engine Optimization is a huge consideration when driving traffic to your site… at no cost. Free. How much better does it get?

Recently, I started using some cool new tools from Google and the results are still standing by. Other than using Google Analytics to check visits to your site, using Google Webmaster Tools in combination with Google Page Speed developer tool, should help you not only achieve a cleaner and clutter less site, but rather a site that doesn’t get negative ratings from Google.

As we know, Google is still the most popular engine out there, and we want to make them happy. Recently, I like Google’s push towards more related content. Long gone are the days where was a good domain for SEO because the domain name had the three most searched terms when someone looked for Los Angeles Lawyers in google. Nowadays, it’s about branding. would rank much higher if the description of the site had to deal with LA Lawyers, and the content of the homepage was kept to a less than 200 words page all about the lawyers in Los Angeles.

Because I’ve mentioned them several times in this post, I might actually get dinged by Google since I’m not really talking about them in particular, but I’m only using them as an example. It’s good to keep relevant text on your site, and chose ONE subject to talk about. Don’t put all three of your businesses on one website hoping that you can do cross promotion or something crazy like that.

I hope this can help some of you out there to better rank your pages, rather than tank your pages.

Oh, and for goodness’ sake, clean up your HTML folks. If it doesn’t look good in IE8, it’s probably your fault. I had to spend an entire day tracking down an extra double quote in one of the ads I used. Valid HTML is definitely a plus when Google checks your site. Not only it makes your website faster to load (milliseconds), but visually, more attractive to IE visitors, and there’s about 13% of those around the web as stated by

One last note. Stop saying SEO Optimization. You sound like a damn fool!

“Search Engine Optimization Optimization”, yes, that’s what you’re saying.

Happy Optimizing.